Into The Valley

Into The Valley is a single player third person role playing game set in east Africa in a time before the pyramids were built. It combines elements of exploration and combat, but it is primarily a detective adventure RPG in which you have to follow the clues to rescue your daughter who has been captured by slave traders.

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Game Play Videos

Videos showcasing some of the locations in the game, or showing some of the game play. Watch the tutorial video to see all the controls, and to see what to do at the start of the game.

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Still images of the models, artwork and locations in the game.

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My game philosophy

I make games because I like making them. Someone once told me that to be happy in life, you need a job that you would do even if you weren't being paid to do it. I have one of those jobs.

So I want you to enjoy my games. There will be no micro-transactions, paid DLC, upgrade costs or any hidden fees. You buy the game and you play it. If you don't like it or you don't think the game lives up to it's marketing, ask for a refund.

I will do my best to ensure the games are as bug free and play tested as possible, and if bugs are found, to fix those as fast as possible. That said, I am a one man studio and I am limited by the number of hours in the day, so bug fixes, replies and customer service may not be as immediate as some people will like.

Thank you for supporting me, and I hope you enjoy my games.


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The game is now available on Steam.