Your mission

The main mission in the game is to rescue your daughter, who has been captured by slave traders. There are no pointless side quests, you don't have time to gamble or go off on adventures. So any side quests are in pursuit of finding your daughter.



A major part of the game is exploration, so you will have to follow clues you get from conversations and use your map to find out where you are and where your daughter might be. Listen carefully for warnings about enemies or where to find information or weapons.



While this is not a combat game, there will be times where you will have to defend yourself against animals or where you will have to do battle to get to where you want to go. Make sure you have the right weapons before trying something foolish.


Your health

You will have to maintain your health, so make sure to collect bandages and herbs and mushrooms to help with healing, and food and water to keep yourself in prime condition. You will also have to look after your happiness, which decreases if you do bad things, like attacking innocent people, or if your family members die. It increases if you talk to friendly people and make friends or if you do something that makes you happy, like collecting a clue.


You can pick up weapons, equipment, food and medicine by right clicking on the items. Anything you can pick up will be highlighted in green. You may have to search for some items, and remember to pick up items dropped by anyone or anything you kill.

You equip weapons by using the number keys 1 - 8, and you use other items from your inventory, which is opened with the "I" key. Weapons have different qualities, so a metal axe will deal more damage than a stone axe, and a copper shield will protect better than a shield made from animal hide.

Large animals suffer less damage than a small animal, so an elephant will be much harder to kill than a zebra. Armoured humans, or humans with shields, also suffer less damage.

The weapons you pick up will automatically go into their usage slots, the best weapon of a kind taking the place of an weaker weapon. You may have to equip a weapon again if you are holding an inferior weapon. You have limited space, so drop items you don't need.


Buy the game

The game is now available on Steam.

Game reviews

First review for the game from the awesome GamingPurists website: "If you’re looking for an experience with a unique setting and some very uncommon enemy types, One Little Serf’s debut project will be right up your valley."

Game reviews

Got featured in the "Upcoming Hidden Gems in March 2020" on the GamesKeys website.